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Neurological Eye Simulator


Neurological Eye Simulator
This application simulates eye motion and demonstrates the effects of disabling one or more of the 12 eye muscles and one or more of the 6 cranial nerves that control eye motion. The purpose of this simulator is to teach medical students and doctors how the eye motion will change with pathology of the eye muscles and cranial nerves and what to look for during a standard neurological eye exam. This is a minor enhancement of the original neurological eye simulator (Sept. 1999) that improves the resolution of the graphics, adds CNIII palsy eyelid ptosis, and blue eyes. It requires the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in 7.0 or greater!!

New Virtual Patient / Neurological Eye Simulator
This latest eye simulator has greatly improved eye motion simulation, a new pupillary eye simulator (with virtual flashlight), animated demonstrations of neurological eye testing with voice narrative, expanded quizzes, and a case based interface for simulating virtual patients with eye pathologies. This simulator requires the latest Marcomedia Shockwave plug-in and the latest Quicktime Plug-in.

Original Eye Simulator
This is the original neurological eye simulator that was developed and placed on the web in 1997. It simulates interactive eye motion and allows various neurological pathologies to be simulated. It requires the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in 6.0 or later.

Eye Simulator Abstract
The neurological eye simulator was presented at the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications EDMEDIA 1999 in Seattle, WA

San Francisco Chronicle Article
The neurological eye simulator was featured in an article in the science pages of the San Francisco Chronicle in 1999.

Mirror Site - Cambridge England

This is the Clinical Biomedical Computing Unit's European mirror site of the Neurological Eye Simulator.

Review of Neurological Eye Simulator
This site contains a review of the eye simulator by CAL Reviews, Clinical & Biomedical Computing Unit Cambridge, University Clinical School and Addenbrooke's NHS Teaching Hospital.

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